Who is the son of Shiv Sena leader Mihir Shah, who went missing in a BMW accident in Mumbai?

BMW accident in Mumbai

BMW accident in Mumbai

Mumbai BMW crash: A woman is killed in a high-end vehicle accident in Worli; driver Mihir Shah flees, and a companion is being held for further inquiry

Police in Worli, Mumbai, say a woman lost her life on Sunday morning after a BMW struck her two-wheeler. Mihir Shah, a senior in CM Eknath Shinde’s Shiv Sena, was purportedly driving the vehicle.

Mayawati, the head of the Bahujan Samaj Party, called for an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the death of K Armstrong, the party’s chief in Tamil Nadu. In the meantime, the police believe that the BSP chief’s murder was carried out by the mobster Arcot Suresh’s associates.

Mayawati asserted today that the people the local police had arrested were not the actual offenders.
“The manner in which he was assassinated demonstrates that Tamil Nadu lacks any concept of law and order. The true offenders who killed him have not yet been apprehended, she claimed.
She also vowed to organize a rally on behalf of her party against the administration.

“We will not stand by while this atrocity continues; our party has taken it very seriously. Our state unit won’t remain silent and will put pressure on the state administration to send the matter to the FBI. I’ll ask God to grant his family and friends the fortitude to deal with the loss. The party cadre should step up to guarantee action against the accused, but they should also remain within the bounds of the law and demonstrate that the weaker section does not take the law into their own hands,” she continued.

Regarding the murder of K Armstrong, what did the police say?

K Armstrong, the leader of the Tamil Nadu BSP, was fatally hacked on Friday close to his Perambur neighborhood in Chennai.

Seven firearms covered in blood have been recovered by the police, along with eight arrests.

Asra Garg, Additional Commissioner of Police (Law and Order), North Chennai, stated in an interview with ANI on Sunday that eight persons had been detained following extended questioning, careful consideration of each suspect’s facts and circumstances, and thorough analysis. Three motorcycles, a Zomato backpack, a Zomato t-shirt, and seven bloodstained weapons that were used in the crime have all been taken into custody.”

According to the officer, Arcot Suresh’s companions thought Armstrong was responsible for Arcot Suresh’s murder from the previous year.

According to the officer, Arcot Suresh was killed by a gang in August 2023.

“Armstrong was murdered by associates of Arcot Suresh, including his brother, who we have arrested,” stated the ACP.

The Chennai police ruled out any political motive for the BSP leader’s death on Saturday.

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