The Exotic Insect Valuing Rs. 75 Lakh: The Reasons Behind Stag Beetles’ Status as the Most Expensive Insects Worldwide

the Most Expensive Insects

the Most Expensive Insects

Prices for the stag beetle can approach ₹75 lakh because to its cultural significance, unique traits, and rarity.

One of the most costly insects in the world, the stag beetle can command up to ₹75 lakh in sales. Its scarcity and the notion that it brings luck are the reasons for its high cost. Some even believe it can result in unexpected fortune.

These warm-climate-dwelling insects are well-known for their unusual physical characteristics, such as male polymorphism and larger mandibles. Their significance in forest ecosystems was highlighted in a recent study published in a scholarly publication. They are referred to as a “significant saproxylic assemblage” in the paper. During the breeding season, male stag beetles compete for mating opportunities with their mandibles, which resemble antlers.

Stag beetles that are adults mostly feed on sugary liquids, such as the juice from rotting fruit and tree sap, and they do this by using the energy reserves they stored as larvae. Their larvae scrape and retrieve splinters from decaying wood with their razor-sharp jaws. They are hence unharmful to living shrubs and trees.

the Most Expensive Insects

Stag beetles have a life span of three to seven years and weigh between two and six grams, according to the Natural History Museum in London. While females range in length from 30 to 50 mm, men typically measure 35 to 75 mm. Furthermore, there are uses for these insects in medical procedures.

The male stag beetle’s unique mandibles, which resemble a stag’s antlers, are the source of the name of the species. In addition to their native woodlands, these beetles can also be found in traditional orchards, hedgerows, and urban settings like parks and gardens where dead wood is plentiful. Stag beetles are sensitive to cold and do best in warm, tropical climates.

Because of their distinctive qualities and important functions in forest ecosystems, stag beetles are extremely valuable. Their distinctive qualities help them command a premium price on the market and enjoy a highly regarded position across many civilizations.

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