Round-by-round fight analysis and live updates for Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal/Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal live updates

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal live updates

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal live updates

Will the battle be as thrilling as the altercation?

The teams of Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal sparred at a news conference held on June 6 in Anaheim, California. The fight is a light-heavyweight bout that will take place at the Honda Center on Saturday night and last 10 rounds.

“Now, on a personal level, yeah, I don’t like this dude at all, for what happened with my coach and (expletive),” Masvidal commented about the fight. “But we’ll figure it out July 6 when we get in there.”

There will be more to it than just fighting.

Masvidal and Diaz faced up in November 2019 for the UFC’s inaugural BMF. When Diaz sustained a cut above his mouth during the third round, the doctor stopped the fight, and Masvidal won.

However, Masvidal was in control of the evening, and the bookies have him as the favorite in this rematch.

Get live updates about the undercard and Diaz-Masvidal bout by following along.

Ten rounds of light heavyweight action between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz are planned. Round 1:

Diaz swings first, but Masvidal shifts the offensive player swiftly. Masvidal is cornered by Diaz, but he escapes with ease. a slow pace at this point. Diaz gradually followed his opponent. However, Diaz appears to have acted against Jake Paul. The punches aren’t particularly strong just yet. However, he still has Masvidal cornered and under control and is the more aggressive combatant. When a blow from Masvidal lands, he shakes his head. Masvidal 9 and Diaz 10.

Round 2:

Masvidal appears to be the boxer with better technical skills. And he’s making an effort to be heard. strikes early with a pair of blows. Masvidal appears to be a little unbalanced due to Diaz’s slow motion. Masvidal punishes Diaz for his stalking behavior by applying a firm right. And he makes another strong right connection. Here, Masvidal is suddenly very sharp. Masvidal 19, Diaz 19.

Round 3:

Diaz lunges forward, forcing Masvidal into a corner. Then, Masvidal switches roles and uses his right hand to snap back Diaz’s head. Masvidal is moving considerably faster and seems to be figuring out Diaz’s strategy. Once more backing Masvidal into a corner, Diaz delivers a pair of strikes. Masvidal, though, keeps retaliating. lively conversations here. Diaz, 28, Masvidal, 29.

Round 4:

There isn’t much fire in Diaz’s fists. Masvidal, however, is being respectful when Diaz tosses them. However, his own blows are more accurate and arrive at the target faster. Diaz is currently working the body. Masvidal launches an attack on Diaz, but the Stockton child returns. A fight is about to break out here! Diaz continued to go along Masvidal without stopping. Masvidal, though, retaliating. A bell sounds. Diaz extends his arms skyward. Diaz 38, Masvidal 38.

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal live updates

Round 5:

Nothing to hold out for the latter rounds. These two fighters are prepared to shoot when the bell rings. Diaz makes up for his lack of agility and speed with his tenacity. Now though, Masvidal strikes. In the end, Diaz resembles Sugar Ray Leonard somewhat. Everyone is on display. However, he wins Masvidal back.Masvidal moves around and lands his own blows after forcing his opponent into the corner once more. Diaz 47, Masvidal 48.

Round 6:

Diaz is enjoying taking the lead. Masvidal seems happy about it, maybe because he’s shown himself to be a potent counterpuncher. As he consumes more blows in the corner, it looks like Diaz’s punches are having an impact. Masvidal is retaliating, but Diaz quickly advances once more. Masvidal with two lefts in succession. fierce altercation. Diaz is 56, Masvidal 58.

Round 7:

Masvidal has delivered some very strong blows. When the round starts, none of them stop Diaz from stalking. Let’s not forget that this Nate Diaz is not the same as the one that battled Jake Paul. He appears much more committed and ready. Simply never-ending conversations. Diaz 66, Masvidal 67.

Round 8:

More of the same: Masvidal counters when Diaz backs him and wears him down with a furious blow. Both putting wear and tear on the gloves’ leather. Diaz entertaining the audience. The crowd applauds. However, Masvidal delivers a few huge shots that make the audience cringe. Diaz 75, Masvidal 77.

Round 9:

Masvidal outperformed Diaz in terms of shots. And it looks like they are starting to wear on Diaz. Naturally, Diaz acts like Diaz: He does not stop coming. both giving each other a crack. This is a back-alley fight. They are now clinging to one another. Who is to blame for them? fatigue. Diaz is 85, Masvidal 86.

Round 10:

As the last round gets underway, Diaz and Masvidal dig deep while running on fumes. a swapping of arrangements.People shake and snap their heads. These 39-year-old guys fight like they’re ten years younger. Masvidal throws his arms above his head. Might be too soon as the blows fly—and keep flying till the very last ring. Diaz 95, Masvidal 95.


So says the black hoodie Diaz donned during his ring parade, which has white lettering on it. He’s in the ring, too.

Jorge Masvidal was met with jeers

Yes, the majority of this crowd is supporting Nate Diaz, a young man from Northern California. And they obstruct Masvidal’s ring walk to demonstrate their disapproval of him. He smiles. Let the cheers begin. Nate is about to arrive.

Daniel Jacobs defeated Shane Mosley Jr. via unanimous decision

In front of his well-known father, Mosley easily defeated Jacobs in a ten-round super middleweight fight.
In the co-main event, Mosley looked perfect from beginning to end, and the judges agreed. The bout was rated 99-91, 99-91, 100-90.
However, the crowd occasionally showed its disapproval by jeering at the 37-year-old boxer, who barely resembled the fighter who won the middleweight titles from the WBA in 2014 to 2017 and the IBF in 2018 and 2019.

However, Mosley was unable to eliminate Jacobs.

“I know, the main event is about violence, but I’m about winning,’’ he said.

Mosley, 33, improved to 22-4. Jacobs fell to 37-5.

Ten rounds of Daniel Jacobs vs. Shane Mosley Jr. are planned.
In the first round of this super middleweight match, Mosley was aggressive. forcing Jacobs to back against the ropes and into a corner. Not yet any deadly blows. Jacobs is largely idle. When Jacobs eventually awakens, he makes a connection with a right. Jacobs 9; Mosley 10.

Round 2: Mosley reappears as a stalker. However, Jacobs discovers a gap. Mosley reappears, seemingly resolved to win these rounds. Jacobs had a few swings and misses. Jacobs 18, Mosley 20.

Round 3: Is this—this Daniel Jacobs, really? There is a slight similarity, but the former one was more accurate in his punches. Jacobs finally ignites with a late burst of energy. 30 Mosley, 27 Jacobs.

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