Price, features, mileage, and more of the Bajaj Freedom 125, the world’s first CNG bike

Bajaj Freedom 125

Bajaj Freedom 125
Bajaj Freedom 125

Launch of Bajaj Freedom 125

With the release of the eagerly anticipated Freedom 125, a motorbike powered by compressed natural gas, Bajaj Auto has made a ground-breaking debut in the commuter motorcycle market. This unique vehicle is billed as the first-ever CNG motorcycle in history. Customers can choose from seven dual-color options for the bike, which comes in three variants: Drum, Drum LED, and Disc LED.

Price of Bajaj Freedom 125

Three versions of the model are offered: Drum, Drum LED, and Disc. The base model is priced at Rs 95,000, while the top variation is priced at Rs 1.10 lakh (ex-showroom). The top-end and mid-range models, however, will set you back Rs 1.10 lakh and Rs 1.05 lakh, respectively.

Distance traveled (Mileage)

With its 2-liter CNG cylinder and 2-liter gasoline tank, the Bajaj Freedom offers an amazing 330 km of total mileage on a single top-up. This most recent proposal, it has been stated, promises an amazing Rs 1 per km travel cost. With the flip of a switch, the motorcycle can smoothly transition between petrol and CNG modes. Interestingly, it has a common refill cap for both fuels, making refueling easy and convenient.

Bajaj Freedom 125
Bajaj Freedom 125

Conserve Rs. 75,000

A kilogram of CNG can propel the bike up to 102 kilometers, according to the business. When compared to a 125 cc petrol motorcycle, operating on CNG can save owners up to Rs 75,000 in fuel costs over a five-year period, or 50% of daily spending.


The motorcycle has telescopic forks up front and a monoshock unit down back in terms of hardware and features. For effective braking, the top-tier model has a drum brake at the back and a disc brake up front. For added usefulness, it also has a negative LCD instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity.

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